Spring Sri Lanka Smiles

Did you know that proceeds of Spring Learning Studio’s students tuitions go to help 2 students in Sri Lanka? Did you know thousands upon thousands more would love our help?

When you enter Spring Learning you’ll notice art displayed in the entrance. These 2 pieces are from Marsha and Martisha from Sri Lanka. Spring has been supporting them for years and will continue to do so. Our donations go directly to the sisters and not a CEO siting at the top of a corporate ladder. Our donations provide funding to get the girls to school, ensure they have tools to get their education and provide something we adamantly feel every child should have the right to receive, the right to choose.

スプリング英会話教室は、「SURANGANI VOLUNTARY SERVICES」、「Smiles」を支援しております。
Spring Learning Studio are proud supporters of SURANGANI VOLUNTARY SERVICES (SVS) and more specifically Smiles

現在、スリランカの2人をサポートしていますが、Spring Learning Studioの生徒様が増えるにつれて、より多くのスリランカの学生を支援できたらと思っております。コロナが落ち着いたら、スリランカに旅行し、マーシャちゃんとマルティシャちゃんに会いたいと、スプリング教室一同心から願っております。
At this point we support the just two sisters but we’re excited continue growing this initiative as more students enroll in Spring Learning Studio. Once the world improves and we’re able to fly again, we’ll be making the trip to Sri Lanka to meet the girls face to face.

If you’re interested in helping Smiles, know this! You already are just by being a member of the Spring Learning Studio community. We are extremely confident knowing that this is a great organization to support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The entire Spring Team



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