Spring Learning Home Study Week 1




Unit 1のLesson 1のログイン方法はメールでお知らせ致します。











Today we are releasing videos for all of our Spring students that are studying from home. Due to recent events and the increase in Covid-19 cases in Japan this past week we have decided to create the videos you see below. These videos are only for students that are currently enrolled in Spring Learning Studio. The private log in for Unit 1 Lesson 1 have been emailed to so you have full access. Today we are releasing Yellow Class and Green Class Videos for our students to familiarize themselves with the new lesson structure before they receive their student books and workbooks very soon. Please study these videos this week in order to keep on top of your English during this difficult time.

We hope you all the best health possible and cannot express enough how your safety is the utmost importance. Having said that, Spring Learning Studio will be closed this week due to the corona virus pandemic. Instead of closing for an entire month, we think it’s best that we take it week by week. Next week we will ship the books directly to you or coordinate a time for them to be picked up. If you have a preference please let us know so we can make sure you’re taken care of during this time.

Due to corona-virus, there have been some delays in the books arriving on time but they are on their way. We will ensure that there is a steady flow of online material for Spring Learning students.

This is a temporary measure and we cant wait to see you all again.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Unit 1 Lesson 1 (Week 1)

・レッド:ハッピーバレー1 Red Class

・イエロー:ハッピーバレー2 Yellow Class

・グリーン:ハッピーバレー3 Green Class

GoGo Loves English 4 : オレンジ ・ Orange Class

(Please Note: GoGo4 Samples have not arrived yet so we used GoGo1 for this Video Test)

GoGo Loves English 5: パープル Purple Class

Please Note: GoGo 5 Books have not arrived yet so we used GoGo2 for this Video Test)

Please study these lessons well until we meet again.