Learn the Right Way to use ABC’s


Teaching our youth how to sing the alphabet correctly is very important. For example, if you learned to sing the alphabet the wrong way (see the 2nd video) then you’re automatically being programmed for confusion when you get to the level where you need to learn phonics. Let’s use the letter A for example. In the 2nd Song, which is fun (but incorrect) the letter A is pronounced “EH” as in EGG. Therefore if you learn the ABC’s like they sound in the 2nd video, then it’ll be much more difficult in later years when you start learning to read.

The focus of this post is this, let’s teach our kids how to sing the 1st video in the article, not the 2nd. Enjoy!

CORRECT ABC (Phonics for Successful Reading)

INCORRECT WAY (FUN, but confusing for future learning when Phonics are Introduced)