Level 1 Red Class Spring Online – July 2021

Level 1 Red Class

July - Unit 3 and 4


Hello Song

Numbers 1-10

I'm Kinka

How's the weather?

How are you?

Days of the week


Count 1 to 10 and identify the numerals.

How's the weather?

Ask & Answer: Outdoor Toys

Ask & Answer: Outdoor clothing.


Unit 3: Playing Outside

Unit 4: Playing Dress-Up


Phoanimals Phonics Video

Phonics Song

i, j, k Song

i, j, k Chant

Phonics Sounds Song 1 | Year 1

Bonus Fun

Summer Song

Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Snowy

Let's Play Outside!

FROZEN - "In Summer"

Goodbye !!